Sandwich Panel line

Sandwich panel line belongs to the automation equipment. It is flexible and convenient to operate. The design of the production line is stressing, and the design steps are followed. There are many kinds of system components, such as uncoiling system, film cutting system, roll forming system, compound system, spray glue system, heating system, A different system has different forces, one of the most important. Advantages 1, strong moisturizing The use of composite metal material production, material performance, with excellent moisture retention, construction site harsh environment, equipment with high performance is very important; 2, sound insulation In addition to good moisture retention, it also has a very good sound insulation, the noise generated by the equipment in the production process is very small, very environmentally friendly; 3, light weight Do not think that the volume is relatively large, but the quality of machinery and equipment is very light, easy to carry,…

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Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold Roll Forming Machine main used in tour beauty spot,hotel,exhibition,holiday village building Parameter: 1.Suitable to process:Colored Steel plate, galvanized board 2.Width of the plate:1000mm 3.Rollers:12-13rows 4.Rolling material: Forging Steel 45# 5.Rolling galvanization thickness:0.05 mm 6.Material of the cutting blade :Cr12 7.Hydraulic oil :40# 8.Dimensions:6.7*1.35*1.51m 9.Power:3+3kw 10.Thickness of the plate:0.3-0.6mm 11.Productivity:8-10m/min 12.Diameter of the roller:70mm 13.Weight:About 3.8 T 14.Voltage:380V  50Hz 15.Processing precision : within 1.00mm 16.Equipment components: Man-made uncoiler, Roll forming machine, compture control system, hydraulic control system, cutting 17.Transportation:one complate equipment need one 40feet container to hold 18.Delivery Time:30%deposit,and balance before delivery 19.Standard components: Chain 1 pcs, Hydraulic oil pipes: 2 pcs, electromagnetism valves 1 pcs. limit switch:2 pcs 20.This machine is compose of feeding table,forming machine,forming cutting device, hydraulic system,computer control  system,discharge table. Optional devices have manual uncoiler,hydraulic uncoiler,aoto stacker and so on.(Optional)

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Glazed tile roll forming machine is mainly composed of feed leading table, main forming machine, cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control system, product bracket and so on. Optional devices normal holder, hydraulic holder and auto-stacker. Features The glazed tile produced by this roll forming machine is beautiful in appearance, elegant in style and unique in design. Product application of Glazed tile forming machine: Used Such buildings as villa, vacation villages, factories, hotels etc.  

Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Roof panel roll forming machine can produce beautiful appearance, strong panels which are extensively used in roof construction or outdoor decoration. The roof panel roll forming machine can be equipped with PLC control and touch screen. Producing process sketch Technological Process Uncoiling—Feeding—Leveling—Punching—Rool Forming—Cutting—Products Collecting Technical Specifications Number Items Unit\Type RF-RP 1 Steel Thickness mm 0.4-0.8 2 Forming Speed m/min 10-15 3 Roller stands stand 18 4 Roller Material 45# steel, coated with chrome 5 Main Motor Power Kw 5.5 6 Hydraulic cutting Power Kw 2.2 7 Hydraulic pressure Mpa 10-12 8 Power Supply 380V, 50HZ,3 phase 9 Tolerance mm 1.5 10 Material of cutting Cr12 11 Control system PLC with touch screen 12 Machine net weight T 12

Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine

Wall panel roll forming machine can produce different kinds of products, for example: The light steel keel, the switch cabinet column, the elevator guide rail, the electric cable bridge, the generatrix bridge, the security doorframe, the shutter, the warehousing shelf, the supermarket shelf, the automobile summer beam, side skin of big bus, steel structure, CZ section steel, wave spin board, the guard board of highway and so on. Production line Charging car, uncoiler, leveler, forming group, flying saw, , collection table, combination die, operation cabinet. Application Metal wall panel is widely used for commercial metal buildings, associated with agriculture plant and warehouse. Wall panel roll forming machine is the essential for its production. Features: 1.Manual Decoiler or Hydraulic Decoiler with Break is equipped optional for roll forming production. 2.Manual Roller Shearer before Roll Forming is the essential for roll forming production, and length control is set on touchable screen, so…

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Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Double layer roll forming machine can be used to produce 2 different profiles of corrugated steel sheet, e.g. 2 wall & roof sheets, or 1 wall & roof sheet and 1 floor decking sheet. Customer can choose the type. Attributes Easy to operate Easy installation High efficiency Less noise Simple structure Precisely constructed Cost effective Low maintenance cost Components Hydraulic single head type uncoiler, Roll forming main machine, PLC automatic control cabinet, Guillotine Cut-off Unit, Products Stacker Technical Data Number Items Unit\Type RF-DL 1 Steel Thickness mm 0.4-0.8 2 Effective width mm 840 3 Coil width mm 1000 4 Forming Speed m/min 8-15 5 Roller stands stand 12 6 Roller Material 45# steel, coated with chrome 7 Main Motor Power Kw 5.5 8 Hydraulic cutting Power Kw 2.2 9 Power Supply 380V, 50HZ,3 phase 10 Material of cutting Cr12

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Floor deck roll forming machine is used for building surface panels, is composed of uncoiler, feed leading table, main forming machine, punching system, cutting device, hydraulic station and computer control system. Advantages High wave, high strength, high automation and low cost Specifications Number Items Unit\Type RF-FD 1 Steel Thickness mm 0.8-1.2 2 Steel feeding width mm 1000-1250 3 Forming Speed m/min 10-15 4 Roller stands stand 30-36 5 Roller Material 45# steel, coated with chrome 6 Hydraulic cutting Power Kw 18 7 Hydraulic pressure Kw 5 8 Hydraulic pressure Mpa Mpa 12 9 Power Supply 380V, 50HZ,3 phase 10 Tolerance mm 1.5 11 Material of cutting Cr12 12 Control system PLC with touch screen 13 Machine net weight T 16

Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Highway guardrail roll forming machine is made up of a decoiler, a flattening device, punching equipment, roll forming system, cutting equipment, hydraulic system, controlling system and supporter. Details 1.Material of wheel: Cr15 2.Voltage: 400V-3phase-50hz or According your country’s requirement 3.Hydraulic station power: 4.5kw 4.Forming speed:4m-6m/min 5.Installation Dimension (L*W*H): 14m*1.2m*1.2m 6.Total weight: About 15Ton 7.Hydraulic cutter Material of blade: Cr12 8.Electrical control system: PLC control with touch screen Working Process Decoiling →Active feeding→Coil strip flattening→ Punching forhorizontal hole → Punching for vertical hole → Roll forming → Cut to length →Packaging(manual)

Dust Shield Roll Forming Machine

Dust Shield Roll Forming Machine is Automatic computer control for punching, forming and cutting totally increase the work efficiency Used 1. power plant, coal mine , coking , coal washer collection factory. 2. Steel, building material cement enterprise and other open air material factory 3. Railway ,road coal collect factory. 4.Construction field, dust raise. Material of main equipment 1) Roller material: high grade No.45 forged steel, plated hard chrome on the surface of roller with thickness 0.05mm 2) Active shaft material: high grade No.45 carbon wrought steel at diameter 75mm 3) Cutter blade: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment 4)Frequency converter , 5)PLC: Computer adopt PLC 6)Computer operating board adopt OP320A, China

Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

Ridge cap roll forming machine has different types which used together with corrugated sheet and IBR sheet, or glazed tile sheet. Use / Advantage The ridge cap roll forming machine is widely used in many kinds of industrial factory, civilian buildings, and Roof board for attached part product It has advantage of pretty appearance, durable using and so on. Process flow Uncoiler—Roll forming machine—Computer control system—Hydraulic control syste-Hydraulic cutting—Run out table Components Uncoiler, Coil sheet guiding device, Main roll forming system, Post cutting device, Hydraulic station, PLC control system and Support table. Optional with Hydraulic Decoiler, Auto Stacker, Safe Cover, Pre-Cutting, Film Covering Device, and so on. Specifications Number Items Unit\Type RF-RC 1 Steel Thickness mm 0.5-0.6 2 Forming Speed m/min 3-6 3 Roller stands stand 16 4 Roller Material 45# steel, coated with chrome 5 Main Motor Power Kw 7.5 6 Hydraulic cutting Power Kw 4 7 Hydraulic pressure Mpa…

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Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine

Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine can mass-produce high-quality shutter doors. The line consists of decoiler, sheet guiding equipment, roll forming section, cutter, supporter, hydraulic system, control system. The roller shutter which made by this machine have neat external appearance, even ripples, high utilization and strong strength. 2. Technical Parameters No Item Parameter Note 1 Suitable   Material Type Steel sheet Roller Shutter Thickness: 0.7-1.0 mm 2 Product Specifications Detail as the attached drawing 3 Power Requirement Type 380V/3PH/50HZ Main motor power(KW) 3 Cutting power(KW) 2.2 4 Forming Speed(m/min) 15-18 6 Forming Stand 12 Depend on actual design 7 Forming Shaft Diameter(mm) 65 Depend on actual design 8 Type of Cutting Roll-formed and length-set cutting 9 Control System Mitsubishi PLC and inverter 10 Run Out Table 2mX3 11 Installation Dimension(m) 8X1.5 Without the panel length 12 Total Weight(T) 8 Depend on actual design Control system PLC thickness 0.25-0.6mm Forming speed 12m/min…

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Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

Light steel keel roll forming machine by way of roll forming, forming a variety of specifications and cross-sectional shape of light steel keel profiles, can be changed by rolling the mold to achieve a multi-purpose machine. Forming machine with fully automatic computer control. Light steel keel is a high-quality continuous hot galvanized plate as raw material, after the light steel keel roll forming machine rolled metal skeleton. The use of light steel keel as the main material in the building can reduce the safety risk of the whole project, but also does not cause rework problems due to the quality of the construction materials. Greatly reduce the construction unit in the project will be faced with the problems. Equipment length 7600mm, width 950mm, height 1000mm; Equipment power 11 kW, hydraulic power station 11 kW; Roller bearing steel (GR15), after forging annealing; Base with 320 I-beam; The next five on the…

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