Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

Light steel keel roll forming machine by way of roll forming, forming a variety of specifications and cross-sectional shape of light steel keel profiles, can be changed by rolling the mold to achieve a multi-purpose machine. Forming machine with fully automatic computer control.

Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

Light steel keel is a high-quality continuous hot galvanized plate as raw material, after the light steel keel roll forming machine rolled metal skeleton.

The use of light steel keel as the main material in the building can reduce the safety risk of the whole project, but also does not cause rework problems due to the quality of the construction materials. Greatly reduce the construction unit in the project will be faced with the problems.

Equipment length 7600mm, width 950mm, height 1000mm;

Equipment power 11 kW, hydraulic power station 11 kW;

Roller bearing steel (GR15), after forging annealing;

Base with 320 I-beam;

The next five on the four leveling, to ensure smooth;

The use of secondary molding, to ensure that the product of Founder and right angle, above the size can be produced;

Rolling material thickness 1.5mm-3mm (also based on user requirements design thickness);

The width of rolled C steel is 80mm-300mm;

Rolling speed 8-9m / min;

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