Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Double layer roll forming machine can be used to produce 2 different profiles of corrugated steel sheet, e.g. 2 wall & roof sheets, or 1 wall & roof sheet and 1 floor decking sheet. Customer can choose the type.


Easy to operate
Easy installation
High efficiency
Less noise
Simple structure
Precisely constructed
Cost effective
Low maintenance cost


Hydraulic single head type uncoiler, Roll forming main machine, PLC automatic control cabinet, Guillotine Cut-off Unit, Products Stacker

Technical Data

Number Items Unit\Type RF-DL
1 Steel Thickness mm 0.4-0.8
2 Effective width mm 840
3 Coil width mm 1000
4 Forming Speed m/min 8-15
5 Roller stands stand 12
6 Roller Material 45# steel, coated with chrome
7 Main Motor Power Kw 5.5
8 Hydraulic cutting Power Kw 2.2
9 Power Supply 380V, 50HZ,3 phase
10 Material of cutting Cr12

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