Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Floor deck roll forming machine is used for building surface panels, is composed of uncoiler, feed leading table, main forming machine, punching system, cutting device, hydraulic station and computer control system.


High wave, high strength, high automation and low cost

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine


Number Items Unit\Type RF-FD
1 Steel Thickness mm 0.8-1.2
2 Steel feeding width mm 1000-1250
3 Forming Speed m/min 10-15
4 Roller stands stand 30-36
5 Roller Material 45# steel, coated with chrome
6 Hydraulic cutting Power Kw 18
7 Hydraulic pressure Kw 5
8 Hydraulic pressure Mpa Mpa 12
9 Power Supply 380V, 50HZ,3 phase
10 Tolerance mm 1.5
11 Material of cutting Cr12
12 Control system PLC with touch screen
13 Machine net weight T 16

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