Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Roof panel roll forming machine can produce beautiful appearance, strong panels which are extensively used in roof construction or outdoor decoration.

The roof panel roll forming machine can be equipped with PLC control and touch screen.

Producing process sketch

roof panel roll forming machine producing process sketch

Technological Process

Uncoiling—Feeding—Leveling—Punching—Rool Forming—Cutting—Products Collecting

Technical Specifications

Number Items Unit\Type RF-RP
1 Steel Thickness mm 0.4-0.8
2 Forming Speed m/min 10-15
3 Roller stands stand 18
4 Roller Material 45# steel, coated with chrome
5 Main Motor Power Kw 5.5
6 Hydraulic cutting Power Kw 2.2
7 Hydraulic pressure Mpa 10-12
8 Power Supply 380V, 50HZ,3 phase
9 Tolerance mm 1.5
10 Material of cutting Cr12
11 Control system PLC with touch screen
12 Machine net weight T 12

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