Sandwich Panel line

Sandwich panel line belongs to the automation equipment. It is flexible and convenient to operate. The design of the production line is stressing, and the design steps are followed. There are many kinds of system components, such as uncoiling system, film cutting system, roll forming system, compound system, spray glue system, heating system, A different system has different forces, one of the most important.


1, strong moisturizing
The use of composite metal material production, material performance, with excellent moisture retention, construction site harsh environment, equipment with high performance is very important;

2, sound insulation
In addition to good moisture retention, it also has a very good sound insulation, the noise generated by the equipment in the production process is very small, very environmentally friendly;

3, light weight
Do not think that the volume is relatively large, but the quality of machinery and equipment is very light, easy to carry, save energy;


Public building plant design, logistics warehouse design, simple room design, cold storage and mobile building design and so on;

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